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Please see the picture below for the corresponding numbers to guide you through the Family Dashboard:

1) What is the Family Dashboard?

The Family Dashboard is a central location for applications, secure documents, and status updates for all your children. Check out some of the other features you can take advantage of using your Family Dashboard.

2) Important information

Your school district is unique and has established a process for successful completion of your applications. Use the steps and information in this blue box for submission of your documents and applications.

3) Videos for you to follow

If you prefer videos, we have you covered! Click on these links and you will be shown a video with step by step directions on how to best utilize the Family Dashboard

4) Your children/learners

On the left side will be a list of your young learners. The pencil icon indicates that edits can be made to their profile if clicked.

5) Keeping it all together

If you have multiple children you can keep their information together on the Family Dashboard by clicking on the blue “Associate Student” button. You will complete a profile for each child and their applications will show on the Family Dashboard all together.

6) District Documents

Important information that needs to be completed by the family will appear here in the “view open tasks”. If you click on this red button it will show any open items to complete. These items are generally time sensitive.

7) Uploading Documents

Documents that need to be securely uploaded can be added here. We take your privacy and document protection seriously.

8) View of Application & Status

In this area of the Family Dashboard you will have a view of all the applications that have been submitted. You will be able to see the order number and the status of the application. This is also where any documentation that is being requested will be located. You can check thi sas often as you would like for any updates.

9) Submitting an Application

If you are ready to begin and submit an application, this green button is what you should select. Once you click on it, it will take you through the process and step you through the questions that are necessary.

10) Editing the profile

Things change. If a change has occurred to your child’s address or profile information you can update it here. If changes are needed to an application that was already submitted you will need to contact the school. Profile changes only can be made through the Family Dashboard.

11) Communicate about your application

Use the “Leave Office Voicemail” to communicate with someone at the school district about your application. Your voice message will be connected to your application so the person that receives the message will have the details of the application in their view. This is a great option if completing an application after school hours.

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