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ScribChoice - Marketing & Social Media Tips
ScribChoice - Marketing & Social Media Tips
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Communication about choice in your district.

So much time and effort goes into planning a great Choice program. Be sure to have a plan to share all of the awesome happenings with your community and families!

Let's get started!

Your social media efforts may be the primary way you engage your community when marketing your Choice efforts. Be creative in your outreach and make an extra effort to ask community partners to help promote your posts or activities planned.

Tips for getting social

1. Create a Choice Program hashtag to collect all relative posts
(be sure to share across all your communications!)
โ€‹2. Use your Choice Calendar as a starting point to select dates to share social

media posts. Once you have your important dates mapped out, begin to plan

what other information you will share.
โ€‹3. Highlight individual programs with a Weekly Spotlight.

4. Let your audience go behind the scenes of individual programs with a Social

Media Takeover.

5. Remember to include your Program Choice website url (or another resource) for

families to learn more!

Social media best practices

Social media is a visuals-driven medium regardless of the platform. Along with important dates and

information, be sure to include eye-catching photos or graphics to catch your audience's attention.

Social media a sample posts

Pre & Beginning of Choice Season

  • Calling all {School District} families! We are gearing up for the Choice season. Be on the lookout for important dates and information about our offerings.

    This is an exciting time for families and students as they explore the options and opportunities that our district offers. Learn more on our website: <district website>

  • Choice season is upon us and we are excited to share our program offerings with our {School District} families! Check out what will be available this year: <attach programs and brief information>

Application opening date announcements

  • It's here! Choice applications for {school district} will open {application opening date}. Applications will be available online and you can browse our Choice options and opportunities at <url or other resource>.

  • Choice applications for {school year} are officially open! Applications
    are available online.
    We invite you to check out our district website for dates, details, and upcoming events for our Choice programs: <district website>

Choice reminder

  • Friendly reminder to all of our {School District} families that the Choice applications are due {Closing date and time}! Please take this opportunity to check out everything that is available this year and fill out those apps! <attach program and application links>

  • {School District} families! This post is for you! Remember to keep filling out Choice applications before they close on {Closing date and time}.
    Here is a link directly to the applications: <attach application links>

Closing of applications & end of season

  • We are {one week/one day} away from the Choice application deadline. No worries, there's still time to complete an online application! Visit our website: <website url>

  • That's a wrap! Our Choice season has been a great success ๐Ÿ˜ Applications will reopen next Fall for the {school year}. If you are looking for additional information, visit our website: <website url>

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