Welcome! My name is Chandler, and today, we will be walking through the process of resetting your Family Dashboard password. There isn't much to this one, so let's just jump right in!

We can reset our password by using the "reset password?" link found next to the "Login" button on the Family Dashboard Login Page. We won't need to enter anything into the email address or password fields. We can simply press "reset password?" to begin the process.

Once we press "reset password?" we will be asked to enter our email address. This email address must match the one attached to the account. Once we enter this information, we'll press "Reset Password" to proceed.

We will then be taken to the page to reset our password.

You'll notice that an access code is needed. This can be found in the email we received titled "Password reset instructions". We will find the access code at the top of the email's text body.

Copy and paste the code into the "Access Code" field. Then, enter and re-enter your new password. Once all of the information has been entered, press "Reset Password".

Now the password has been reset! The system will take us back to the login page. Now we can enter the email address and password to sign in.

Perfect! Now that we are logged into the account, we can complete all of the actions we need to take. If you continue to experience issues, chat with us, and we will happily assist!

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