Salutations! My name is Chandler, and today, we will be uploading a document through the Family Dashboard. There are two types of documents that may be required. There are the "Residency Docs", as well as the "Pre-processing Requirements". Keep in mind that depending on the School District, some of these documents may not be required. This is especially true for the residency documents, but some applications have no pre-processing requirements as well. Now that we have that covered, let's get started.

We'll want to upload the documents in one of two places depending on the documents we wish to upload. The first will be the "View/Add Residency Docs" portion of the dashboard located on the left side above the name of the existing students. If the "View/Add Residency Docs" button is not present on the dashboard, it means the residency documentation is either not required or will be uploaded as a pre-processing requirement.

The second location we can upload documents is through the application itself. These are called the "Pre-processing Requirements". Once the application is submitted, it will appear in the middle of the Family Dashboard. Towards the right side of the listed applications, we will see a section titled "Documentation Required". We can upload the pre-processing requirements using the "View/Add Docs" button found below the list of needed documentation.

No matter which option we select, we will be taken to a very similar page. The way we will upload the documents will be identical for both options, however, we may find that there are agreements that are necessary as well. For now, we will just worry about the documentation.

When we are first taken to the page, we will see information regarding the documents being requested. Typically, this will include the types of documents that the School District finds satisfactory for each document type being requested, but other information may be included as well. We'll see that around the middle of the page is a button that says "Add Files". We'll want to press that button to continue.

Once we press the add files button, we will be prompted to select the file we wish to upload. When using a mobile device, we will also see the opportunity to take the picture right then and there. No matter how we take the picture, we'll need to make sure it is below 5mb and is in a pdf, png, jpeg, or tiff file format. Most mobile devices default to one of the accepted formats.

Once the file is selected, it will appear below the add files button. We may then need to select a description for the document to explain which pre-processing requirement it is supposed to fulfill. To do this, we'll press the drop-down box located under the "Description" section to select which type of document we're uploading. If the dropdown box does not appear, then a description is not necessary.

Once we have selected the document type, we'll press "Upload" to finalize.

Now we're all done! We can tell the document was uploaded successfully from the message "Successfully uploaded" that appears.

Once we have repeated the process for all of the required documents, we'll see that the documents are marked as "Complete" on the Family Dashboard.

Hopefully, this article answered all of your questions, but if not, please come chat with us, and we will be happy to assist!

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