Hi there! My name is Chandler, and today we will be walking through how to submit an enrollment/choice application through Scribbles! We'll go over the full process, creating an account, associating a student, and much more! We'll be submitting a Kindergarten Enrollment application for Charles Austin (yes, he is my dog) as an example, but these tips will help you submit any enrollment or school choice application.

Keep in mind that some of the text will be different depending on the School District you are applying with; however, the process will be almost identical, aside from a few things here and there. Are you ready? Let's go!

The first thing we will want to do is create our account. Once we're on the homepage of the site, we will want to click the "Start/Login" button to begin.

We'll then start the process by pressing the "Create Account" button found on the right side of the page.

This is where we will put the guardian information. The information needed may vary depending on the School District being applied to, but we can expect to enter things such as our phone number and email address. Once the information is entered, we will press "Create Account" to finalize.

Now that our account is created, we can log in using our email address and password.

Once we're logged in, we'll want to associate the student we wish to submit an application for. Keep in mind that this is not the application. We'll be submitting that after the student is associated. Press "Associate Student" to begin.

Here we will want to enter the student's information. Again there is a bit of variance with the questions asked, but this will just be the student's basic information, such as their zoned school and current grade.

Once we've added the information, we'll press "Save" to finalize. If another student needs to be added, the information will still be saved if you press "Associate Another Student".

Now it is finally time to submit our application! We can do this by pressing the green "Submit Application" button located on the Family Dashboard. For some School Districts, this button may say "Begin Application" or "Begin Registration", but it will function the same.

We will then want to select "Begin application for Charles".

We will then be taken to a list of applications. When we select the application we wish to submit, we will see a list of the applicable grades. We don't need to worry about that too much, we'll just want to press the "Select" button to the right of the grades.

We'll want to click on the option we wish to submit and press "Select" to continue.

Now, we'll press "Complete New Kindergarten Enrollment" to continue.

First, you may see that there are agreements that need to be agreed to. Read carefully, and if you accept the terms, press "Agree".

Now we are ready to fill out the application! This will vary greatly depending on the School District you're applying with, as well as the application you are submitting. We'll want to fill out the form and press proceed.

Now we're done! Charles is going to Kindergarten! You'll know the application is submitted when it appears in the middle of the Family Dashboard. You may notice the pre-processing requirements. This is something we are going to go over in a different article.

We are aware that all of our sites are a little bit different; that's why we have our support team at the ready! Come chat with us, and we will be happy to assist!

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