Let’s break down the Processing Applications page into 3 different sections. The first section is called the “Headers,” section. The Headers are located at the top of the screen and feature 6 different options that we will break down below.

Family Dashboard: This dropdown allows the user to go to the Family Dashboard, the Dashboard User List (parents), and the Dashboard Student list. The Family Dashboard dropdown allows the user to locate students and assist parents in using the Family Dashboard

Process Orders: This dropdown is like a home or refresh button. It allows the user to select which specific applications are visible for processing.

Reports: We will go over the scope of what the reports dropdown offers later, but this is where your reports are located

Admin: Used by administrators, not by most users. We will go into more detail with this button later.

User Button (Administrator): Access to the user profile to change password or sign out, among other functions


The tabs are located right below headers.

My Apps: These are applications that are assigned/ belong to the user; they have been assigned or grabbed. This Tab keeps all of our assigned applications in one place after clicking the “Grab and Process” button.

Unassigned Apps: Haven’t been approved, denied or assigned to anyone. These apps will move to the My Apps tab of any user that is assigned these applications.

All Apps: This tab shows both My Apps assigned to me, Unassigned Apps or apps that have not been assigned, and apps that have been assigned to other users. This Tab shows all of the apps in ScribChoice regardless of status.

Coupons: This shows all of the available and active coupon codes. Users can create new Coupon Codes from here as well- The Coupons tab can also be used to get to the Appeals function. ** Coupons is also where appeals will be located (We will discuss appeals in more detail later see pg. 19)

Search Bar: Allows for search by criteria

Status Menu: Allows for search by application/enrollment status

Filter: Opens different filters to search by. Filters include school, grade, opportunity, and status

Number: Shows the number of unassigned orders waiting to be processed / not assigned


Our Orders or Applications are displayed below the Headers and Tabs.

Order number: Blue, hyper-linked number that opens order for review/processing

Applicant Name: Show’s applicant name and Email Address associated with the account email address underneath

Next Grade: This shows the grade that the student will be going into after the current year

School Year: This shows the School Year that application is being submitted for

Requested School: Shows requested school as well as zoned/ boundary school in parenthesis

Docs Uploaded: Shows up green if complete and red if incomplete

Request Type: Which type of application is being submitted ** in this scenario, the application submitted is a lottery application rather than a normal enrollment application

Status: shows processing status/ payment status

Submitted: Date/ time stamp of application submission

Owner: Who is processing the application, if “none” no owner has been assigned

Orders pt 2.

There are 5 action buttons that allow you to perform different actions on an application.

Printer: The printer icon allows for the user to print an application

Trashcan: The trash icon deletes the application. Once an application has been deleted, it can not be recovered

Tags: The tag button merges applications. Rather than have an individual fill out an entire other application, simply merge an old/ existing application with another to save some of the information together

Mass Approve: This button will approve all of the applications that are currently in progress ** This feature needs to be enabled; it is not a default function for all users.

Grab and Process: Assigns an application to a specific user and allows them to process the application

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