Section 4: Running a Lottery
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Running a Lottery

After processing our applications, we are now ready to run our lottery.

To begin the lottery process, go to the reports header, then select/waitlist/roster students, and then select lottery.

Running a Lottery continued

After clicking the Lottery button on the Reports tab, you will be taken to the lottery screen to begin running the lottery. This screen is similar to the processing applications screen and works similarly. Keep in mind, that each lottery is run individually by the school, by program, and by grade level. Let’s take a look at what is on this page.

Filters: There are three filters that will allow us to specify which kind of lottery we want to run. The Filters are divided into 3 parts.

Select School: Select which school you would like to run a lottery for

Select Program: Select which program you would like to run the lottery for

Select Grade: Select which grade you would like to run the lottery for

**To make changes to an application or to change an answer to an application question, click the blue Order Number and you will be taken to the application to make changes

To move the application to a different tier, the tiers must first be unlocked by clicking the ‘Unlock Tiers’ button on the right. After unlocking the tiers, the Arrows next to the Order Number allow you to change the tier that the application is in. You can move the application both up and down tiers. Once the applications are in the correct order/ tier, click the orange SAVE TIERS button.

Running a Lottery Continued:

After confirming that our applications are in the correct tier and Saving Tiers the green ‘Run Lottery’ button will appear. Click this button to run the lottery.

Once our lottery has been run, we can look at the results of the lottery by clicking the ‘View Lottery Results’ button in the red box pictured below. There are also additional administrative actions that can be taken if the lottery was not run as intended. Let’s take a look at these actions below.

Admin Actions:

Reset Lottery: This allows the lottery to be reset entirely. This action can only be done by the admin and requires a password to complete

Delete Waitlist: This allows the waitlist to be deleted, also requires admin privileges and a password

Delete Roster: Deletes new student roster requires admin privileges and a password

We are then able to offer seats or waitlist students by clicking the ‘View Lottery Results’ button in the Red Box pictured above.

Types of Lotteries:

There are several types of lotteries that can be run through Choice/ Enroll. Let’s break down what those different types are and how they operate.

Cambridge Lottery/IB: This lottery is designed so that a user or employee can manually change the order and the ranking of the applicants. This lottery allows the order to be changed manually and does not use an algorithm to sort the applicants.

The user will then be able to manually offer seats after the order has been decided. The lottery order can be manually changed by clicking the arrow button pictured below:

First Come First Serve Lottery: This lottery ranks the applicants based on when they were submitted. The system will auto-populate oldest to newest to give preference to the first applications submitted. The oldest lottery will be on the top and the ensuing applications that are submitted after will fall in line after.

Enrollment Lottery: An enrollment form/ application is used to both enroll the student and place them in a lottery. These applications are submitted as normal enrollment applications with residency and income information that is requested by the School District in addition to placing the applicant in a lottery.

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