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Section 3: Processing/ Approving Applications for Lottery
Section 3: Processing/ Approving Applications for Lottery
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Accessing an application:

As we mentioned earlier, the easiest way to open an application for processing is by clicking on the blue hyper-linked Order Number.

Once you open an application, you will be taken to the processing screen pictured below:

Reviewing an Application:

Once an application has been opened/ accessed it is ready to be processed. Let’s take a look at the different tabs that are on the application processing page.


We are currently looking at the Request/ Reason tab of the application. Let’s first take a look at the blue box and the information within the blue box.

Order Number: The specific order number, can be used to locate or reference an application

Order Received: date/time timestamp when the application was received

Status: payment/ application status

Processor: who the application has been assigned to - will read ‘None’ if it is unassigned

The green box to the right shows when an application will expire and how the application was paid (if applicable). The expiration date does not have an effect on the application and the application can still be processed or reopened even if it says expired.

Student Info

After the request/reason tab, is the Student Info tab. This tab features the majority of the information that is essential to review and approve/deny an application.

Student and Guardian Information: This information should be reviewed and verified by the processor. If any of the information needs to be changed, the pen and paper icon, circled at the bottom right of the screen will allow the user to edit this information.

***This information comes from the family dashboard and changing the information in the application does not change the family dashboard. The parent will need to make corrections in their family dashboard for future applications

Appointment Date/Time (Optional Feature): Saves the date and time for an appointment to gather additional information from the candidate

Virtual Meeting (Optional Feature) This allows the user to set up a virtual meeting room with the applicant to gather additional information from the candidate

*** Appointments and Virtual Meetings are optional. Not all districts will see these if they are not using these features.

Student Info Continued

Below the Student and Guardian information section is more information about the applicant. Among this information are any siblings the applicant may have, the program of interest the applicant is applying for, and the grade level and zoned school for this applicant.

This information comes directly from the Family Dashboard and is pulled/ combined with any application-specific questions requested by the client. Again, changing anything here only changes this application - it does not correct the Family Dashboard. This information can be changed/ edited if necessary, but if corrections are made, remember to hit the save button!

Below these zoned school and school of interest questions are application-specific questions that will vary based on the application process of the School District. These questions make sure the student and guardian have a complete understanding of the lottery process. These answers are visible for review.


The comments section is a way for the processor to keep track of what has been reviewed and what still needs to be reviewed. The comments box on the bottom allows the user to make comments on their progress in reviewing an application and it also allows the processor to read any comments left by the guardian. ** Work comments are internal only - they will not be visible to families

Workflow Office-Use:

*This section is optional - not all sites include this feature

The Workflow Office-Use boxes work in unison with the ‘Office Use’ table pictured to the right. If the green button is pressed the status will say Pass such as with the age verification and the referrals. If the Yellow “X” button is pressed, the status will say Fail such as with the Guardian ID and Residency. This workflow is also date stamped and leaves a record of which user processed and passed/failed any process. As with anything in Choice, always remember to SAVE progress after completing a process!

Reviewing an Application (continued)

Let’s take a look at the action buttons that are on the right side of the processing page.

Move Application: moves application to another user for processing

Request Information: This allows users to request more information such as proof of age or residency from the parent/ guardian. Information can be requested via text, call, or email

Offer Audition: allows applicant chance to audition/ interview for the opportunity(optional - not on all sites)

Offer Appointment: allows processor chance to meet with the candidate(optional-not seen on all sites)

Ignore Forms: Allows the user to manually override necessary forms or documents

Admin (Principal) Approval: approves application after review. *Remember to SAVE after approval

Admin Denied: The application was denied by the processor. Remember to SAVE after denial.

Admin Waitlisted: Applicant added to the waitlist. Remember to SAVE after waitlisting.

***Principal Approval is an optional/ alternative verbiage


The final Tab for application processing is the History tab. This tab allows the user to see all of the work that has been done on the application, who completed the work, and when the work was completed. This section is extremely important for records keeping purposes and for reference when multiple users are involved in the review process.

Action Date: Date/Timestamp of when an action took place

Action User: Which user performed a specific action

Action Type: What kind of action was performed

Description/Notes: Describes the action that was performed in more detail and provides additional information regarding the action

ScribChoice/ScribEnroll - Message Received

Parents can leave you a voicemail message through their family dashboard. They will go to their dashboard and click on the button that says "Leave Office Voicemail". Our automated attendant will call them and take their message.

Once the message is sent, you will get an alert notification. This will show up as an exclamation point next to the "Process Orders" tab. You can then click on the tab and select "Unread Notifications"

From the notifications screen, you can listen to the voicemail. Once you are done you can clear the notice by clicking the "Clear Notice" button.

You can also access the message through the application.

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