The Order Tracker does more than just track orders. It is a multi-functional tool that bridges the gap between records requesting and records processing. Let's take a look at the variety of features within the Order Tracker.

Communicate with the Records Office:

This awesome feature allows a direct line of communication between you and the Records Office. Whether it be inquiring about the status of an order, requesting a change to an application that has already been submitted, or cancelling and requesting a refund, this is the direct line between you and the Records Office. Type out your message in less than 500 characters and hit the send message button and just like that, a chat has been started between you and the Records Office!

Attach Documentation:

The School District has requested additional information to verify your identity, how do we get them that information? This great feature allows the requestor to securely upload personal information to their application so that it can be reviewed and processed by the School District. This great feature guarantees that the private and personal information that is on an ID of any kind is kept between you and the School District. Simply click the add files button and attach your document. It really is that simple!

Attach a Voicemail:

If you prefer not to type your request or inquiry, you can leave a voicemail to the Records Processor and request a callback from the Records Office. Sometimes it is easier to just leave a voicemail rather than typing out a message. After the message is left, you can request a callback to the phone number provided on the application.

Order Progress Tracker:

And of course, the namesake of the Order Tracker, the order tracking! This progress bar shows what stage of the process that your order is in. The steps are of the process are order started, payment received or pending, assigned to processor, approved or denied. Keep in mind, any questions regarding this progress bar can be asked directly to the processor by using the aforementioned direct message and voicemail tools.

Comments from the District:

On the bottom of the Order Tracker, you will see comments from the School District. In this section, you will see requests for additional information or status updates from the Records Office. This is the area where the School District will respond to any questions or inquiries as well.

The Order Tracker is an awesome tool for more than just tracking an Order, but making communication easier and more efficient between the requestor and the processor. Check out the awesome features for yourself!

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