Securing important personal information is extremely important to us at Scribbles, and it is something we take great pride in guaranteeing. One of the ways that we can guarantee peace of mind and security is by verifying newly created Family Dashboard accounts. After a Family Dashboard account has been created, we have a security feature that asks the new user to verify their Email Address/Account. Let's take a look at how that process looks below:

This is the final step of the Family Dashboard creation process. Once all of the necessary information is entered, the new user will click 'Create Account.'

Once the Family Dashboard account has been created, the user will see a green pop-up message notifying them that a verification link has been sent to their Email Address. This security feature guarantees that the individual creating the account is the owner of the Email Address, and will have access to the personal information that is exchanged and shared via the Family Dashboard.

The verification email will be titled "Verify Your Email Address" and it will come from [email protected]. The verification process is simple as one click. Click the Blue URL link in this email to complete the verification process.

You will enter the 4 digit code that was sent via the Verification Email. After entering this code, you will be able to access your newly created and verified Family Dashboard account.

Once logged into the Family Dashboard, the only step left to complete is associating the student, which can be found in the article "Adding a Child to your Family Dashboard ( This verification only needs to be completed once, during the initial account creation stage.

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