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Getting into the Order Tracker

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The Order tracker is a multi-functional tool that gives the requester the ability to interact directly with the records processor. The Order Tracker gives real-time updates about what part of the fulfillment process your order is in. Not only does the Order Tracker provide updates, but it keeps the information in the application or any information uploaded onto the application in a secure location. There is more to the Order Tracker than that. Let’s take a deeper dive into the features of the Order Tracker and look at how to use these features!

  1. After submitting an order, you will receive a confirmation email titled “Your student record order has been submitted.” This email is not only a confirmation that the submission was successful, but it also includes a link to the Order Tracker. The Order Tracker is the bridge between you and the records office while the order is being fulfilled.

  2. After following this link, you will be taken to the Order Tracker login page. When accessing the Order Tracker, you will need the Email Address that the order was placed with, as well as the Order Number. Once this information is entered, you will receive a notification that a login link has been sent to your Email. Login links will only be provided via email to the email address you initially used during the application process. This is to provide an extra layer of security for your information.

  3. The link will be sent in an email titled "Order Tracker Login." In this email is the blue hyperlink titled, 'Login.' Follow this link, and you will be taken to the Order Tracker!

Order Tracker

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