ScribEnroll is an online system made to make enrolling your child in school as easy and convenient as possible (hence the name). Here at Scribbles, we believe that completing enrollments online is the best way to achieve these goals. Today I want to show you just how easy this process can be. So, let's get started.

First, we want to create an account. When you first enter the Family Dashboard, we will see on the right-hand side the ability to create an account and on the left-hand side the ability to log in to an existing account (we'll get to that). Since we don't have an account yet, we will be picking the 'Create Account' option.

Then we have a bit of personal information to enter. The first thing we'll do is enter our name and address into the appropriate fields.

Once that is filled out, we'll enter our phone number, residency status (in or out of county), and answer if we would like to receive text updates. Note that if you turn on the option to receive updates via text message, the cellphone field will now be required.

Also, if you are an employee of the County, you may select the School of Employment.

Finally, we will enter our account information, so we can login and receive updates via email. Then we'll press 'Create Account.'

After clicking the 'Create Account' button, you will receive the following message:

This message is an added security feature that will ask the parent to verify their Email Address before associating their student to the account. The verification email will be titled "Verify Your Email Address" and it will come from [email protected]. Click the Blue URL link in this Email to complete the verification process.

Clicking the link will verify your address and automatically log you into the student association page. The Email verification will only have to be done one time. Moving forward, you will be able to use your email address and password to log on. Once we have created and verified the account, the final step to creating the account is associating the students you wish to enroll.

Now that our account is created and verified, we can go proceed to the final step and associate the student/students we wish to enroll with the account. To begin this process, we'll login to our account (if we are not already logged in) using the option on the left that we discussed earlier.

Once logged in, we will be prompted to associate the student.

The first step in associating a student is to enter the child's name and enrollment status.

Next, we'll enter the student's date of birth and the sibling-related question.

Now we'll want to answer the questions regarding the child's school of attendance using the drop-down boxes.

Then we'll either use the 'Save' or 'Associate Another Student' button to finish up the process.

Now we're all done! We will still need to submit an application for the child's enrollment, but we will save that for another time.

If you have questions, please reach out.  We love answering your questions!

We're never done.  We are always working to improve.

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