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Using E-Trans to make things E-sier

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Mailing stinks. You have to print the record, put it in an envelope, seal the envelope, put on postage, and then send it out. In addition, you have no way of tracking. People will say they never got it when you know it was sent. Fortunately, in most cases, we can send documents electronically through ScribOrder.  Here is how.

Here is an order for Fred Flintstone. Mr. Flintstone wants to send his transcript to Bedrock University (a fine, fine educational institution). Under E-Trans Status, you can see a green leaf. The green leaf indicates that the college accepts electronic transcripts through our service.

Now let's scroll down. You can see two blue areas. The bottom one is for private order details. Any documents uploaded will appear in the order but cannot be seen by anyone else. The blue area on top is for records that will be electronically sent. You can drag and drop documents, access the documents with the ScribPrinter, or navigate to the document by clicking the plus sign.

For this example, we will click the plus sign and navigate to the document.

Once we choose the document, then we must click the upload button to upload it to the order.

Now we can see that the document was successfully uploaded.

Next, we click the Sign and Send button. In this instance, we can send the document electronically to Bedrock University or the applicant who ordered the record. We are going to choose to send it to Bedrock University.

Now we can modify the number of downloads and the expiration date if we wish. We can also put in some comments. When we are ready, we then click "Send Link."

If we look at the work history, we can see that we sent the record electronically.

Once Bedrock University views the transcript, an email will be sent to the applicant, and it will appear in the work history.

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