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Want to Collect Donations with a Single Click? Yes, We Can Do That!

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Do you have a foundation or charity that you would like to collect donations for? Perhaps you just want to offer the ability for applicants to support the district by adding an extra dollar to the checkout process...ScribOrder has your back!

At Scribbles, we LOVE helping K12 School Districts across the country generate income that can be used for the many important things needed to support your students and alumni. ScribOrder effectively already does this, however why not have a way to "boost" this income generation?

To that end, we recently introduced the option to place a checkbox on the application form for consumers to use to donate to your cause. The amount of donation is pre-determined by the district and can be accompanied by your own verbiage for clarification.

See below an example of how one of our North Carolina clients has utilized this feature:

The text are you see above is placed on the ScribOrder application page and can be set for any amount within the site configuration. When an individual checks the box, the donation amount is added to the total cost in the summary window, as shown below:

Upon checkout, the extra donation is collected with the other funds and safely stored away with Scribbles with the rest of the fees. When it comes time to send your monthly statement and check, the extra donations are included in the amount for you to disperse as you wish.

Scribbles does not charge extra or get a cut of these donations — it's free to activate and free to use!

If you would like to explore options and begin taking donations, contact your account representative, or alternatively, send our support team a message. 

It only takes 5 minutes to set up!


If you have questions, please reach out.  We love answering your questions!

We're never done.  We are always working to improve.

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