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ScribEnroll's reporting system is quite powerful. It enables you to get quick information and access orders from the report screen, and it allows you to export very detailed data into a spreadsheet.

Let's have a look at how they work. First, select "Reports" and "Reports." For this example, we will be looking at "Basic Reports."

In this case, we will use "Test Elementary School - Elementary School." We will pull a report showing us all kindergarteners who have completed Enrollment.  

First, we select our School.

Then we select our Grade, leaving the Program and Status blank.

Under Current Status, we will select "Enrolled." Scroll down, and under School Year, select "2019-2020".

Clicking "Run Report" will give us a list of the orders with links to the orders. If we select "Export Report," it will export the report into a spreadsheet. The "Export Report" is very detailed and is used when you want additional information like demographics or parent contact information.

You can also run EPO (Choice) and ELO (Transfer Requests) reports. These will give you different Statuses, such as "Approved" or "Seat Accepted by Parent."

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