How to Run an Employee Verification Report

Verifying Employee Status Made Easy in ScribChoice!

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With some Choice or Student Transfer processes, employees are given preference over non-employees. Since any applicant could mark themselves as an employee within their Parent Profile, you need a quick and easy way to verify these applications before beginning the work. Read on to see how easy and seamless we've made this.

The Employee Verification Process

Step 1: Navigate to the "Employee Verification Report" — From anywhere in the system, click on the "Reports" link in the top toolbar, then click on the "Employee Verification Report" link.

Step 2: "Confirm" or "Deny" their employee status. On the "Employee Verification Report" screen, you will see a list of all applications submitted which need to be confirmed before having the ability to process these applications.

Based on the employee data you see on the screen, you can then "Confirm" or "Deny" their employee status by clicking either the "Confirm" button or the "Deny" button. If this person is an employee, click the green "Confirm" button, then in the pop-up (shown below), click the blue "Confirm" button. Clicking "Confirm" will move the application to In-Progress status to be processed within your workflow as usual.

If this person is NOT an employee, click the orange "Deny" button, then in the pop-up (shown below), click the blue "Deny" button. This will Deny the application, thus disabling anyone from processing it.

You can then contact the applicant to make sure they have the correct information.

That's it!!


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