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Learn the Simple Way to Request the Scanning of Documents in Storage with Scribbles

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Have you ever received a records request and cannot locate the student records at all? Occasionally, you may get an application where the record is going through the process of scanning in the Scribbles warehouse awaiting processing. We have just the solution for you! Read on to see how simple it is to request these records to be scanned and sent back to you so that you can fulfill the request.

The Document Request Process

Step 1: Click the "Request from Storage" Button — The "Request from Storage" button is the last orange button at the bottom of the processing section, on the right side of the application page. When clicked, a box will pop open giving you additional options.

Step 2: Enter the requested info, then send the request — The "Box Number" Field is required. You can enter a box number or a roll number (for MicroFilm) if applicable. Please provide the storage user with any information you have on the student you are requesting your records for. (i.e. Last four Social Security Number; Student's First, Middle, Last Names; Graduation Year and Date; School they graduated from).

When ready, click the "Send" button.

What Happens Next?

  1. As soon as the "Send" button is clicked, the application is assigned to the "storageuser" warehouse user.

  2. The warehouse user receives a notification that there is a document request to be fulfilled.

  3. The warehouse user will then pull the box/roll based on the information provided, locate the document, scan the document, then attach the document back to the application.

  4. The warehouse user will then assign the application back to the original user, that's you!

  5. Please note that some documents may take up to 2-4 business days to be processed by a storage user. If it takes longer than the time shown previously, please message us at [email protected].

What Do I Do Next?

Once the application is assigned back to you, it will be located in the "My Orders" tab of your dashboard order list. You can then enter the application by clicking on the order number, locate the document attached, and process as normal (mail or eTrans). The warehouse user will attach the document in the "Documents available for e-Delivery" section at the bottom.

You can then either click on the link under "File Name" to export the document as a PDF for printing or use the "Sign and Send" button to send the document electronically to the destination.


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