You open an order and realize that it is not an order that you process.  Maybe the records are located at another school, or the student forgot which school he or she attended and you have to change the routing.  Whatever the reason, you can move orders within ScribOrder/ScribTransfer.  It's easy.  Let's get to it.

We are going to use Paul as an example.  Yes, I know Paul was a difficult child, but we should give him his transcript anyway.  Let's first assign to a new processor.  Open the order and click on the "Move Order" button

Now you can either search for a processor, or pick one from the list.  In this case we are picking Cheryl.

Once you click on Cheryl, the Order will be moved to her.  Now, we want to change the school routing.  Using the same Order (you can see that Cheryl is now the processor) we again click on the "Move Order" button.  Then we click on the "Change School Routing" tab.

Now, start typing the school that will receive the order and then click on it.

Then Click "Update"

That's it!!  You can now move orders!

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