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Simplified Processing of ScribTransfer Applications
Simplified Processing of ScribTransfer Applications

Learn the Simple New Way to Process ScribTransfer Applications.

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ScribTransfer is made simple! We took our original idea with ScribOrder and streamlined the process to make the layout easy and effective. So follow along through the steps below, and you’ll be processing ScribTransfer applications in no time — we think you’ll like what you see!

The ScribTransfer Process

Step 1: You receive an email stating that you have transfer requests to process. — Simply click the Order Number link in the email, and you will be automatically taken to the ScribOrder application and prompted to Sign-In:

Step 2a: Sign-In to ScribOrder (see sign-in page below) — Don’t worry if you don’t remember your password; we can send you a reset code to reset your password:

ScribTip: The ‘forgotten your password?’ link will send you an email prompting you to reset your password if needed!

Step 2b: This will open your Transfer Task — We have simplified this screen for your usage. It should all fit in a single screen without the need for scrolling:

Step 3: Determine what the K12 Requestor is requesting — The requested documents are listed in the green section at the top right-hand corner of your screen:

Step 4: Look up the student’s information — You must locate the student’s records in your current Student Information system or pull the student’s physical cumulative folder.

Step 5: Upload the Requested Documents to this Transfer Task — You can either drag-and-drop documents (PDFs, PNGs, TIFFs, JPEGs) into the blue section or click the green ‘upload’ button:

Upload Functionality

PDFs and Image files can be selected by clicking the green '+' button. Then select the actual file for upload.

Drag-n-Drop Functionality

PDFs and Image files can be dragged into the 'gray' drag-area. Simply drag the file into the drag-area and release the mouse button. The file is then uploaded and made ready for the 'Blue Ribbon' Digital Signature Standard.

Step 6a: Click the ‘Sign and Send’ button — Clicking this button affixes the district's electronic seal on the records and ensures that they comply with AACRAO standards for electronic transcript/student record delivery. The electronic record will be good for one year and 30 views per AACRAO standards. You only need to click this button one time as it will send ALL attached records together.

Step 6b: Approve the application — Once you click the ‘Sign and Send’ button in step 6a, the system will send the documents, then prompt you to perform the final approval via the pop-up box pictured below. Simply click the ‘Approve’ button to remove it from your work queue. Congratulations, you just made someone happy!

Step 7: Celebrate because you are done until the next K12 Transfer task arrives!


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