Basic Reports - Part II

Taking Basic Reports to the Next Level

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When we last left, we were about to click the "Export Report" button. So, let's do that.

As you can see, you will download an Excel file titled "csvreport.xlsx." Once this is downloaded, click on it and open it.

Now you can see that we have a spreadsheet with A LOT of data. This will act just like any Excel file, so you can manipulate and sort the data however works best for you.

We can go over some of the information collected. You can see the type of order, the order number, the student's name, DOB, and address.

But wait..... there's more!!

You can also see the requester's name and phone number and the status of each order.

But Wait!.....if you are one of the first 100 callers, you can also see the submission date, the school requested, and the grade they are entering. Absolutely Free!!!! (just pay shipping and processing).

Obviously, there is much more in this report than I've covered. I'd cover more information, but by now, you are probably saying, "Dude!! It's a spreadsheet.. We get it".

There is one more thing before I go. When you click "Reports," you will also see an Education Program Opportunity Report (EPO report) and an Education Location Option Report (ELO report). Where a basic report will give you information on all applications, an EPO report will provide information on ONLY EPO applications—the same as an ELO report.  

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for an article. I can even expound on the EPO and ELO reports if you wish.  

If you have questions, please reach out. We love answering your questions!

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