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How to access cool information with a few clicks

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A principal says, "How many parents of kindergartners in my school have accepted the seats offered?". Did you know you can answer this question with just a few clicks? Welcome to the power of Basic Reports in ScribChoice/ScribEnroll.

Click "Reports" and "Basic Reports " to access basic reports."

This will take you to the Basic Reports page. When selecting parameters for your report, you can see the drop-down lists at the top. Here you can choose school, program, grade, and status (new or renewed). Along the left, you can see the buttons for submissions today, this week, or this month. You can also select the owner of the application, current status, school year, zoned school, and even a date and time range.

Now, let's use the Basic Report to answer the principal's question. Let's say he is the principal of Hawks Nest Elementary. You would Select Hawks Nest Elementary from the School list.

Select the grade (no need to select program or status)

Next, check the "Seat Accepted By Parent" box.

Select the school year. Leave everything else.

Almost there. Click "Run Report"

Boom! There it is.

If you scroll down to the bottom, you can now answer the question.

With Basic Reports, you have more options for reporting than you can shake a stick at. (What does that even mean? My grandfather used to say it all the time. Why would he be shaking sticks at things?).

Next time we will explore what happens when you click "Export Report." Such Suspense!

Special Thank You to Gaston County Schools (Hi Terri!) for allowing us to use their school list for the tip today.

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