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Configurable Choice Applications using Question Templates
Configurable Choice Applications using Question Templates

Customize each opportunity with Program Specific Questions & Fillable Forms. Snappy!

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Introducing Question Templates

Take a look at our list of configurable question types and examples below. You can use the online Choice Builder to tweak the questions, touch up the design and you’re good to go. 

Looking to create a competitive STEM application that requires essay tests and letters of recommendation? Use the Choice Builder.

Wanting to create an application for entry into a new Montessori Pre-K program that requires Emergency Contact information, and information related to Immunizations? Use the Choice Builder.

Are you working with a Title 1 Grant that requires you to collect extended demographic information and even grant-specific enrollment forms (fillable PDFs)? Use the Choice Builder.

Question Template Types

The following template types are available: Address, Birthplace, Emergency Contact, Essay, Ethnicity, Gender, Guardian, Multi-Select, Prior Enrollment, Race, Select, Sibling, Text, Standard Yes-No, and even embed whole Form Fillable PDFs.
Questions can be configured for each Opportunity / Enrollment and filtered by 'New' applications, 'Renewal' applications, or both 'New and Renewal' applications.

In addition to configuration on each Opportunity, Question Templates can be configured to display on the Family Dashboard and tied to the Family Dashboard Account rather than to the application.  When data from any submitted applications tied to that Family Dashboard is exported, a copy of the answers at the time of submission is attached to the application. 

(text can be configured to use any address, not just students)

You can embed complex, form-fillable, digitally signed PDFs into any Choice Application.  Completed forms are attached to the application along with any signatures or content.

The following is an example embedded form:

Each question can be configured to require that the Parent / Guardian enter their 'initials' as the certification of their answer to the question.

The following is an example certification created with this template.

In addition, each form can be configured to require digital signing by the Parent / Guardian in order to submit.

Everything is click, drag, and drop.    

Pretty snappy! Ask us about adding custom forms to your opportunities.  In the meantime, we will keep working!

Browser Support

Fully tested across all modern browsers.  

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