Introducing the Destination Report

Facts are friendly. One click and you know total application counts, by school, by grade, and by source. Way cool!

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Report Basics

The Destination Report details which choice / transfer / reassignment programs are most popular and what pathways feed their success.  The report is generated in a Microsoft Excel compatible format.

To access the report, navigate to the 'Reports' menu item in the top navigation.

We have all been in a conversation regarding the popularity, success, and / or value of a certain choice program, magnet school, or transfer process.  We have found that people are often discussing these items without the facts at hand.  Facts are friendly and we aim to set them free.  Someone once noted that, “Opinion is usually something which people have when they lack comprehensive information,” ― Idries Shah

The Results

The Destination Report allows you instant access to the facts regarding your choice, magnet, and transfer programs.

Browser Support

Fully tested across all modern browsers.  

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Thanks to the Cabarrus County Schools team for this enhancement idea!

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