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Safety doesn't happen by accident. We have added another layer of security.

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Now you can enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in ScribChoice. Once enabled, a user is granted access only after successfully presenting two or more pieces of evidence (or factors) during the 'Sign In' process.  

First the user enters a password -- this is something the user, and only the user, knows.

Then the user will be prompted to enter a Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) number using Google Authenticator -- this is something the user, and only the user, has.

To enable Multi-Factor Authentication, follow the steps below...  You can start the process by navigating to either the User Profile (to enable your own MFA) or to the User Administration (to enable other user MFA).

Or Navigate to User Administration

and select a user.

Enable 'Use MFA' in the User Detail

then save the user / profile.

You have now enabled Multi-Factor Authentication.  Now its time to set up Google Authenticator to generate your TOTP codes.

Accessing the Google Authenticator QRCode

Access the QRCode by selecting the 'Authenticator Code' link.  This will display the code.

Set Up Google Authenticator

Start by downloading the Google Authenticator Application to your mobile phone (there are both Android and iOS versions).

Then use the Authenticator application to scan the barcode associated with the user account.

Now you are producing Time-based One-Time Passwords every 30 seconds.  This is awesome because it ensures that your account changes its credentials every 30 seconds.  SAFE AND SECURE!

Sign In Using Google Authenticator

Navigate to the ScribChoice Sign In and use your password to Sign In.

If you have entered your password correctly, you will be prompted to enter the code generated from your Google Authenticator Application.  Remember this code is only good for 30 seconds.

You are now signed in to ScribChoice and more secure than ever before.  Enjoy!

This is a big step forward!  We are jonesin' to do more...

Browser Support

Fully tested across all modern browsers.  

Enjoy the new functionality, but let's remember that great ideas start with you! 

Help us solve the problems that face K-12.  Let's brainstorm together.
We love ideas. 

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