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Badda-Bing -- CONVENIENT. We have added the ability to upload sealable documents.

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You can now upload documents to be sent via the Scribbles eTrans process.  

Extending Current Print Functionality

We have had the ability to 'Print' documents to ScribOrder since day one.  However, we have extended that function to allow PDFs and Image files to be uploaded to ScribOrder. 

Once uploaded, the documents are 'Sealable.'  They can be digitally signed with the 'Blue Ribbon' Abode Digital Signature standard.  These documents comply with the AACRAO (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers) standard for electronic transcripts.

Upload Functionality

PDFs and Image files can be selected by clicking the green '+' button.  Then select the actual file you wish to upload.

Drag-n-Drop Functionality

PDFs and Image files can also be dragged into the 'gray' area.  Simply drag the file into the "gray" area and release the mouse button.  The file is then uploaded and made ready for the 'Blue Ribbon' Digital Signature Standard.

This is a big step forward!  We can't wait to do more...

Browser Support

Fully tested across all modern browsers.  

Enjoy the new functionality, but let's remember that great ideas start with you! 

Help us solve the problems that face K-12.  Let's brainstorm together.
We love ideas.  

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